Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Red Cedar Tree and The Mad Chipper Man

My husband and I were driving through town the other night and someone had cut down the most gorgeous red cedar tree. Besides the fact that this was once a beautiful, living tree, seeing that gorgeous wood laying on it's side took my breath away. We stopped and asked for some branches and the owner let us take a few with us. Kind of distressing when he said they were getting a chipper to mulch up the rest of it for their landscaping. Arggghh. I think I let out a small gasp. Wow, who cuts down a tree to save on the cost of mulch anyway? Does "kind of stupid" come to mind. What a total waste of a beautiful, living thing.

Well I attached some buttons that I salvaged from Mad Chipper Man's tree. I think they are quite stunning really. I raced home tonight to make some more treasures, but my 4:30 wake up really drags you down in the evening. So I'll probably wait until this weekend.

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