Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gardening and Tree Branch Buttons

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Well it's June already and I'm just getting my garden in. I'm about 2 weeks behind schedule this year. Usually we have it in by Memorial Day but with all the rain we’ve had plus I was in Chicago last weekend for my daughter’s bridal shower I’m really behind. Thankfully my husband has been watering all the plants so they are still in great shape. We got the tiller going last night so if I can get it tilled before the rain comes tonight I’ll be good to go. I’m kind of excited about the new shop. It’s going to be more casual than my other shop, where I mainly sell tree branch buttons and gift tags. I came across these fantastic nuts call Tagua Nuts or vegetable ivory. They are harvested from the Tagua Palm tree and being used as a beautiful replacement for illegal ivory as well as providing a living for those living and working in the rain forest.

Heck if it can save an elephant's life and the rain forest with one little nut at a time, then that's tremendous. Below is a picture of some Tagua nuts that have been polished but with a little bit of the brown bark remaining.