Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Autumn Leaf Tree Branch Buttons .... Some of my fall buttons are featured, Autumn Leaves made out of Black Cherry Wood then hand wood burned so they resemble leaves.

The weather is getting cool and along with coloder weather come an increase in requests for buttons. I have had a ton of requests for instructions on how to care for tree branch buttons:

If a button is sewed onto the garment or pillow, hand washing and drying is recommended in cold or lukewarm water, than lightly dry with a soft cloth. If the button has lost it's satiny shine there is a simple fix:

To restore the sheen to the wood button a light polish finish with melted wax on a soft cloth or even furniture polish will restore the button to it's former self.

With the new craziness of relevancy going around Etsy lately, I've been recommending MikesSEOShop on Etsy. He has some great ideas for making your shop get on the front page. I met him in Chicago a while back and he specializes in marketing your Etsy as well as online business. He has some great tips and pointers to help your shop become more relevant.