Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Finally Friday.

Well Day 2 of my Blog. I need to get to my day job by 6:00 am but I managed to get up at 4:00am and finish uploading pictures of some gorgeous tree branch buttons that I had made last Monday. I was also able to glue some tree branch magnets which I'll be listing tonight. The magnets are White Oak, some of the most dense wood you will ever find. White oak is used for wine and beer barrels (say that 10 times fast) according to my son. That's his picture. He's a Forestry Major at Michigan Tech University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Yoopers - got to love them). I attached a few pictures of the drive through the winding roads. It's breathtaking.

If have never had a chance to check out the 'UP' as we call it you really should. Copper Harbor in the Keweenaw Peninsula is just spectacular in the fall. It's extremely far north, at the tip of the Keweenaw. Last Fourth of July my family went to Copper Harbor to view the fireworks and it doesn't get dark until midnight. Quite cool.

Anyway, back to the Magnets. I wanted to have a Giveaway after my Blog gets 50 followers. Fifteen (15) Tree Branch Magnets made from 5 different woods. So 3 magnets from Oak, Cedar, Maple, Elm, and maybe Mulberry or Cherry, something definitely fruity.

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